Solutions to the five most common loading-dock problems

Solutions to the five most common loading-dock problems

Problems with your loading and unloading dock? At Alapont Logistics Solutions, we’ve put together a list of the five most common issues that our customers experience in their company loading and unloading bays. We’ll then explain the solutions to these problems, which may come in handy if you’re company is experiencing one of them. If … Read more

How’s made an Alapont Dock leveler? Find out here!

Find out how the hydraulic dock leveler is manufactured in Alapont. Alapont Logistics Solutions opens its doors to show you the process of manufacturing a hydraulic dock leveller. Alapont takes care of every step in achieving your dock leveler, either a standard model or a customized model. From material selection, detail design of each of its components, … Read more

How to choose which type of ramp or dock levellers is the best in 5 easy steps.

Alapont Dock leveler

At the time  to  receive  an order from a  customer  to design a new warehousewith dock levellers , logistic platform , manufacturing plant or an industrial building , our mind starts working with the kind of information received . Depending on your profile  , it could be more artistic   than  practical .  Both options  are  … Read more