Cattle loading ramps

The cattle loading ramp is a hydraulic dock leveler that allows each floor of the truck to be evacuated at once. This makes the cattle get out of this comfortably without any burden by going all together and not having to deal with significant unevenness that make it difficult to get to the slaughterhouse.

Thanks to this platform, it is avoided that animals can be harmed when getting on or off the truck, reducing unloading times, thus optimizing the work of the operators and increasing the quality and quantity of the product, by avoid subjecting it to large doses of anxiety that spoil your meat.

Strong-Dock Loading Ramp Requirements

Until now, the process of loading and unloading livestock had to be done in groups, mainly using the lift incorporated into the truck. This resulted in increased stress for the animals, as the process was longer and more complicated, and also required more workers to perform and monitor the operation.

Poorly designed facilities could lead to an increased use of electric pushers, resulting in higher levels of stress, falls, and animal deaths.

With the use of this levelling ramp, the aim is to create a surface as flat as possible to facilitate these operations.

Here are the requirements that any livestock loading ramp must meet:

  • The surface of the ground must be non-slip.
  • Incorporation of side protections to prevent animals from falling or escaping.

During loading:

  • The ramps must be elevated so that the animals only have to ascend a small height.
  • As for the ramp incline, it cannot exceed an angle of:
    • 20º for pigs, horses, and calves.
    • 26º for sheep and cattle.

During unloading:

  • The ramp incline cannot exceed 20º.
  • The route must be clear, obvious, and safe for the animals to reach their destination.
  • When the slope is greater than 10 degrees, the ramps will be equipped with transverse slats to allow the animals to climb or descend without risk or difficulty.
  • Good lighting at the dock during loading and unloading operations. The use of incandescent diffuse light is recommended to reduce shadows and contrasts.
  • Clean and disinfect the dock once the operation is completed to ensure optimal biosecurity.


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