guías para camiones

Wheel guides
For loadind docks

Alapont truck centering wheel guides assist the driver during docking at the loading dock. They make it easier for the truck to be positioned straight on the loading dock, thus avoiding damage to the vehicle, the leveller and the dock shelter, and ensuring efficient sealing.

Technical characteristics

– The centering guides can be open with three supports or straight with two supports.

Ready to weld or screw.Anti-corrosive finish lacquered in yellow or hot galvanized.

– The indicative dimensions for the guide tubes or wheel guides are the following: minimum length 2.40 m, height 0.30 m and internal clearance 2.60 m.It is worth mentioning that when electric chocks are used, the guide tubes will be installed at a minimum of 3.5 meters of aplomb from the bumpers, in order not to hinder the placement of the chocks.

The profile of the wheel guides will be designed to preserve the sidewalls of the tires. Furthermore, to facilitate docking maneuvers, it is recommended to make a mark of about fifteen meters in front of the wheel guides.


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Installations and details

guías de camion para muelles de carga
Installation of loading docks with guide tubes for trucks.
guías para camiones lacadas
Yellow lacquered wheel guides.
guías para camiones galvanizadas
Wheel guides with hot galvanized finish.

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