How to have temperature control in a loading dock?

Preserving the cold chain during the loading and unloading of goods at the docks and maintaining temperature control in a loading dock can become a real headache and result in significant financial losses for many logistics warehouses.

This fact can be further emphasized given the climatic conditions of a country like Spain, predominantly warm, where maximum attention to the hygienic-sanitary conditions of food is required.

What can be done to gain better temperature control in the dock area?

There are several components in the loading dock that will help us solve this problem and, therefore, contribute to significant energy cost savings.

On one hand, dock shelters create a tight seal between the truck and the warehouse, which is why they are an essential link in the transfer of perishable products that require maintaining the cold chain. Additionally, they reduce energy losses in the cold storage rooms, minimize damage to the goods, and prevent the entry of birds or insects into the building.

At Alapont Logistics, we offer two types of dock shelters:

Retractable Dock Shelter

These retractable shelters are designed to accommodate different types of trucks, goods, and the level of exposure of the building to the elements. Their high-quality side and top curtains are mounted on a retractable galvanized steel frame, providing excellent weather protection and promoting a stable, flexible, and robust construction.

Inflatable Dock Shelter

Alapont inflatable shelters are specifically used in situations where there are significant temperature differences between the interior and exterior.

This shelter inflates around the truck trailer, providing an efficient seal that ensures a pressure-tight enclosure, which is superior to traditional retractable shelters. The shelter’s fan utilizes the cold air inside the inflation bags to maintain a constant temperature within the loading area. In this way, they act as thermal insulation and save money by reducing energy costs. Once the loading operation is completed, the cushions quickly deflate thanks to internal tension cables and counterweights.

On the other hand, but equally important, for controlling and maintaining temperature in the loading dock during the loading and unloading process, the selection of the type of dock leveler is crucial.

At Alapont Logistics, we offer two alternatives:

Telescopic Dock Leveler

The Alapont telescopic lip dock leveler consists of a retractable lip that facilitates the safe unloading of fully loaded trucks. It also allows for the complete closure of the dock doors, preventing the cold air from escaping outside, thus avoiding energy loss and the associated additional cost.

Vertical Dock Leveler

Our vertical storing dock leveler is the optimal loading solution for facilities requiring temperature control and hygiene. With its vertical positioning, it allows truck doors to open inside the building, preserving the cold chain. Contact us for temperature control in your loading dock and personalized guidance for your logistics warehouse.

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