abrigo espumado de muelle de carga

Foam dock shelter

Specially designed for refrigerated warehouses, where the perfect isolation of the loading point from outside temperatures is prioritized and hygiene is preserved, avoiding the entry of any element, particle, insect or bird during the loading and unloading operation of the merchandise.

Technical characteristics

–Temperature: withstands outdoor temperatures up to – 30º

–Signage: yellow visibility bands on the sides and lintel.

–Structure: self-supporting – Fixed

–Compactable: compressive structure.

–Front: does not have

–Back: treated natural wood base.

–Union: independent, fixed to the facade, galvanized steel angles.

–Fabrics: high density polyurethane foam lined with PVC canvas.

–Sides: fixed 300x300H mm with anti-wear and drainage flaps.

–Upper: fixed 300x300H mm with anti-wear flaps.

–Resistance: fabrics highly resistant to traction and tearing.

–Color: black – UV treatment + Flame retardant

–Safety: coupling Improves sealing to prevent entry of dust and insects.

–Accessibility: front.

–Adjustment: overlap on the contour of the vehicle body.

–Rain: lateral drainage columns, facilitate rain evacuation.

–Approach: side visibility bands to avoid impacts.


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