Inflatable Dock Shelter

Inflatable dock shelters

The Alapont Logistics inflatable dock shelters protects from cold, wind and heat. It establishes an airtight seal between truck and warehouse , making it an essential link in the transfer of perishable products that need to maintain the cold chain. Maximum thermal and hygienic insulation and great energy saving.

At Alapont Logistics Solutions we have two models of inflatable shelters:

Inflatable Standard     Inflatable plus 

The latter has a faster inflatable cushion retraction rate and adapts to different transport vehicles.

Technical characteristics


  • The flaps are made of polyester fibre with a top layer made of PVC. The special fabric for the sides makes them more flexible lengthwise, while maintaining rigidity in the width.
  • The side flaps are equipped with warning bands that guide the driver when the truck is approaching.

How it works

When a truck stops inside the shelter, the motor can be activated and the gap between the wall of the warehouse and the truck becomes completely sealed. The cushions are kept under pressure throughout the loading or unloading process.

On finishing, they are deflated by pressing the button. The top cushion is rolled up and unrolled using a tubular motor,and the sides by means of the retraction system. When this process is complete, the truck is able to exit the platform and the dock freely.


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inflatable dock shelter plus

Dock shelter Plus

The Plus Inflatable dock shelter is Alapont Logistics shelter with bellows and guide. It is especially recommended for logistics centers with high traffic, since it has a higher inflatable cushion collection speed than the usual inflatable. In addition, it is capable of adapting to the size of the vehicle that will carry out the loading and unloading in the warehouse, therefore, this model is suitable for all types of transport.
It is the ideal solution for warehouses that require greater tightness, have high merchandise traffic and different models of transport vehicles.

Installations and details

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The steel structure covered by a continuous fabric prevents cracks, leaks and drafts.
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The cushions of the inflatable shelter for the loading dock are only inflated when the truck is perfectly positioned.
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The tubular motor (shelter plus)  rolls up the top cushion once the truck has completed the loading and unloading tasks.

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