Industrial doors provide security and agility in entry and exit operations. They serve as an entry barrier to unwanted external factors, such as high temperatures, becoming a genuine thermal insulator.

In Alapont we have several types of industrial doors: sectional, high-speed and fire-resistant.

puertas industriales
sectional doors

Sectional doors

Sectional doors are a perfect solution for air-conditioned industrial centres thanks to the energy saving that their insulating capacity ensures. They open vertically upwards, moving the panels below the roof horizontally. Thanks to this it will always be possible to install them regardless of the space available.

They constitute the most practical and safe solution for loading and unloading tasks, since they avoid possible falls and occupy the minimum space. The way they adapt to the roof will allow a high level of functionality and space optimisation.

puertas industriales rápidas

High-speed doors

Alapont high-speed doors are designed as a dividing element in areas with a continuous flow of goodsto ensure optimal insulation. Recommended for installing in industrial buildings, laboratories or any production plant with intensive traffic.

In order to guarantee the best functional, hygienic and sanitary qualities, we have three models of high-speed doors: roll-up, stacking or self-repairing.

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Fire doors

Fire doors are mandatory for sectorising the warehouse. The current regulations also include the requirement that all the elements that make up the doors must comply with the CE Marking

They are installed in order to prevent or delay the spread of fire from one section of the building to another, to compartmentalise, to allow safe evacuation and to aid rescuing and extinguishing. At Alapont Logistics Solutions we manufacture sliding, vertical and swinging doors under the highest quality standards and following rigorous tests that exceed the safety and security requirements.