Alapont Logistics high speed doors are designed as a dividing element in areas with a continuous flow of goods to ensure optimal insulation.

Recommended installation in industrial buildings, laboratories or any production plant with intensive traffic.

In order to guarantee the best functional, hygienic and sanitary qualities, we have three models of high-speed doors: 

Roll-up     stacking    Self-repairing

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High-speed roll-up doors

Alapont Logistics high-speed roll-up doors are designed for use in climate-controlled interiors with positive temperatures ranging from+5 to +80ºC.

The flap system without reinforcements and the hermetic guide ensure they close in a way that guarantees climatic and sanitary protection. They offer great resistance to air.

High-Speed Stacking Doors

High-speed stacking doors

Alapont Logistics Solutions high-speed stacking doors are specially manufactured for indoor and outdoor use. They are resistant to abrasion, to discolouration and to wind loads with Class 2 and Class 3 certificates. Type M2 fire-retardant certificate.

Thanks to the speed of their manoeuvres, they facilitate a fluid traffic of people and goods. They reduce draughts and temperature losses. They guarantee maximum safety thanks to sensors and a photocell.

industrial doors

High-speed self-repairing doors

Alapont logistics Solutions high-speed self-repairing doors are suitable for indoor and outdoor work areas. Their self-repairing function means that if it receives a blow the flap will leave the guides without damaging any element. The door then re-inserts itself into the guide automatically in its place to continue working normally.

They resist Class 3 gusts of wind. They have photocells, an emergency keypad and possibility of manual opening .

Installations and details
Hight-speed doors

Installation of 15 Alapont’s high-speed self-repairing doors in Alcalá de Henares.

High-Speed Stacking Doors

The flap descends or rises driven by a motor on a shaft that incorporates drums.

High-Speed Doors

Installation of 12 hight-speed self-repairing doors in an industrial warehouse in Madrid.

High-Speed Self-Repairing Doors

In the event of a knock that dislodges the flaps from the guides, these reinsert themselves automatically.

High-Speed Doors

The flap of the high-speed stacking doors is made of polyester fabric with a PVC coating.

industrial doors

High-speed stacking doors reduce draughts and temperature losses.

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