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Features hight-speed doors

The Alapont high-speed door is ideal for industrial premises.

Particularly interior areas (where the pressure differential across the door is insignificant) and small spaces of less than 3,500 x 3,500 mm regardless of the door’s intended use.

Alapont supplies 3 types of high-speed door:

  • High-speed roller door
  • High-speed stacking door
  • High-speed self-repairing door

Each high-speed door design is controlled via a fixed electrical paneland equipped with an emergency stop button and a photocell detector safety device.

  • Greater mechanical durability and stability
  • Wind-resistant
  • Safe opening operation
puerta enrollablepuerta enrollable
puerta rápida enrollable industrialpuerta rápida enrollable industrial
puertas rapidas enrollablespuertas rapidas enrollables
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puertas industrialespuertas industriales

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