Industrial Fire Doors

Industrial fire doors

Fire doors are mandatory for sectorising the warehouse. The current regulations also include the requirement that all the elements that make up the doors must comply with the CE Marking.

They are installed in order to prevent or delay the spread of fire from one section of the building to another, to compartmentalise, to allow safe evacuation and to aid rescuing and extinguishing . In all models the doors remain open at all times, retained by an electromagnet, until, in case of fire detectionor an interruption in the power supply, the counterweight system causes the doors to close automatically.

Industrial fire doors models:

Sliding     Vertical sliding    Swinging    Curtains

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Sliding fire doors

The characteristics of sliding fire doors allow for large-scale constructions. They are equipped with an electromagnetic retention system. They remain open at all times, until, in case of fire detection or an interruption in the power supply, the counterweight system causes the doors to close automatically. They are designed for the food, distribution and transportation sectors.

Among their advantages is the ability to resist fire for 60 minutes, their airtightness or the complete sealing off of rooms so there is no unnecessary loss of energy. If the door is on an evacuation route, it must be provided with a pedestrian door.

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Vertical sliding fire doors

Vertical sliding fire doors are designed for access areas where there is no room on the sides but there is free height. This model is similar to the previous one except that it opens and closes vertically.

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Swinging fire doors

These are the most common in buildings. The construction system is based on the panel rotating on vertical hinges. Unlike the previous ones, which are used for large passageways between different sectors, swinging fire doors are usually used for areas where pedestrians pass, such as in the division of activities or services that are auxiliary to the main activity.

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Fire curtains

Alapont Logistics fire curtains are the most innovative system for protection against fire and smoke; the new generation of fire barriers. They have a fire resistance for 120 minutes. They limit the spread of fire and smoke, as well as the transmission of thermal radiation, preventing ignition of materials and harm to people on the non-fire side. They allow access to evacuation routes.

At Alapont Logistics we have two models:

  • EW-90
  • El-120/180

Technical characteristics

Alapont industrial fire doors are supplied with fire-resistant panels with insulating filling.

What properties do fire doors need to have?

– They must have a fire resistanceequal to at least half that required for the element that separates the two fire sectors, or to a quarter of that when passage takes place via a previous lobby.

– Fire doorsmust be equipped with a C5 automatic closing system (the same as established by the CTE [Technical Building Code]). In those cases where a lower use of the door is adequately justified, these automatic closing systems may be C3 (50,000 cycles).

– They must be able to be easily opened to allow evacuation.

Spring hinges as an automatic closing system have been banned by Royal Decree 312/2005 and by the CTE.

CE Marking. It must be verified that the fire resistance or reaction class on the labelling or in the documentation accompany the CE marking complies with the requirements in the regulations and in the project.


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Installations and details

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Swinging fire doors for pedestrian passage, with peephole.
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Seals the rooms completely, so there is no unnecessary loss of energy.
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They remain open at all times, held so by an electromagnet until, in case of fire, they close automatically.

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