Sectional doors are a perfect solution for air-conditioned business premises thanks to the energy saving that their insulating capacityensures. They open vertically upwards, moving the panels below the roof horizontally. Thanks to this it will always be possible to install them regardless of the space available.

They constitute the most practical and safe solution for loading and unloading tasks, since they avoid possible falls and occupy the minimum space. The way they adapt to the roof will allow a high level of functionality and space optimisation. Another advantage of this type of door is its high thermal and acoustic insulation power.

puertas seccionales
Technical characteristics
  • Security:all our doors comply with the DIN 13241-1 standard, with systems that prevent the door from falling in the event of spring breakage, as well as anti-pinching of the fingers.
  • Durability: panels with a double galvanised sheet steel wall separated by a polyurethane foam insulation. They also have a CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam insulating core, with an average density of 40 kg/m3 and an EPMD sealing gasket, which provides impermeability and tightness between the joints.
  • Comfort:high thermal and acoustic insulation due to the polyurethane insulating core and the sealing gasket between panels.
  • Adaptable:this model has several opening possibilities to achieve maximum use of space.
  • Customisable:there is a wide variety of panels, textures and colours, in order to choose the industrial door that best suits your tastes and requirements.
Images: Installations and details
sectional doors installation

Installation of 17 loading docks with sectional doors in Albacete.

sectional doors for loading docks

Their vertical opening means that they can be installed regardless of the space available.

sectional doors for loading docks

Installation of a sectional door in an industrial warehouse in Madrid.

panel para puertas seccionales

Electric control panel equipped with an emergency stop mushroom button.

installation of dock sectional doors

They open vertically, moving the panels under the ceiling.

dock door details

All our doors comply with the DIN 13241-1 standard.

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