industrial platforms

Industrial platforms

Alapont Logistics Solutions industrial platforms are designed to lift loads from 150 kg to 3,000 kg with one column, and from 3,000 kg to 5,000 kg with 2 columns. In addition, there are models that incorporate an inverted chassis that allows both the platform and its guides to be flush with the last floor level.
All the industrial forklifts are manufactured under European directive 98/371/CE and applicable national standards. Types of industrial platforms: scissor tables,1 or 2 columns, and custom-made.

Scissor lift platform

The main function of scissor lift platforms is to cover the logistical needs in situations that require freedom of movement. They are useful as a positioning tool in different production processes, as a solution to architectural barriers or as an auxiliary element to facilitate ergonomics.
– Alapont scissor lift platforms are constructed from thick smooth or diamond plate, with reinforcement according to the loading capacity.
– The travel is from 800 to 1 600 mmdepending on the model. This is achieved by means of two sets of wide-opening scissors. Two cylinders control the movement.
– The lower baseplate can be secured to the floor.
– Depending on each client’s requirements, we have different types of scissor table: single, double or multiple.
– They represent a great financial saving by avoiding the need to make refurbishments. The construction work required is simplified.

Single column industrial platforms

Custom manufactured for various heights of travel and surface areas.
– Platforms for loads of 150 kg up to 3,000 kg.
– Maximum travel height – 12 metres.
– Non-slip plate.
– Cable slack or breakage control.
– Hydraulic fall arrest.
– Nominal speed 0.1 m/s (option of a 0.2 m/s model) plus end of travel safety timer.
– Button pads with emergency stop button, located outside the platform’s footprint.

Double column industrial platforms​

Custom manufactured for various heights of travel and surface areas.
– Platforms for loads of 3 000 kg up to 5,000 kg.
– Maximum travel height – 12 metres.
– Nominal speed 0.1 m/s (option of a 0.2 m/s model) plus end of travel safety timer.
– Industrial platforms for large volumes: designed to lift goods from 6,000 Kg (max. 10,000 Kg) and with a maximum travel of 12 metres, using two traction columns and two other guide columns. Its structure allows for larger base dimensions, being suitable for heavy vehicles, large volumes and even forklift trucks.

Custom-made industrial platforms

When standard platforms are not able to meet the requirements that certain jobs require 100%, or they are not the most appropriate to perform certain functions because of their characteristics and design, we design and build custom-made industrial platforms.
Since they fit into the existing space, no construction work needs to be carried out, which means a great financial and labour saving as there is no need to virtually paralyse production.

Installations and details

Installation of a custom-made industrial platform in Ciutat de les Arts y les Ciències in Valencia.
plataforma de tijera
Scissor lift platform. This model can reach up to 5 meters in length.
plataforma industrial
Industrial platform with 2 columns, designed to support up to 5000 kg of load.
plataformas industriales de 1 columna
Installation of a two-columns industrial platform in Alzira.
plataforma industrial a medida
Folding lip of a custom-made industrial platform installed in Valencia.
plataforma industrial especial
The custom-made industrial platform does not require any works for its installation.