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Loading dock accessories

If you’re seeking to enhance safety and durability in the loading area, it is advisable to utilize loading dock accessories. Guiding tubes, truck protection bumpers, and a truck retainer are among these accessories. These products address the need for safety not only during the loading process but also to prolong the lifespan of vehicles and loading equipment, including trucks, forklifts, pallet trucks, as well as the leveling ramp, retractable shelter, and doors themselves. With the aid of these accessories, we effectively minimize damage caused by repetitive processes and the passage of time. Explore our comprehensive range of loading dock accessories for optimal performance.



These absorb the impact of the truck when it reaches the platform. They prevent impacts with the rest of the elements that make up the dock.


Wheel guides

These help the driver position the truck straight at the point of loading and unloading. They prevent damage to the vehicle and the loading dock.


Wheel-lock vehicle restraints

A trailer locking system that ensures the vehicle is immobilised until the loading and unloading process has finished.

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Traffic lights

These tell the driver whether manoeuvring is possible or not during unloading by means of coloured LED lights.

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Control pannels

These control the actions carried out in the loading area: speed, opening or closing, emergency stop, etc.

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Bollards and profiles

These prevent the trucks from rubbing directly against the doors, walls or pillars, and thus possible failures in the future.

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Selft tipping container

This facilitates the process of transporting and removing waste. It can be moved manually on wheels or with a forklift truck.


Spotlights for docks

These illuminate the vehicle during the loading or unloading of goods, thereby preventing unnecessary accidents due to lack of lighting.

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A blocking system that immobilises the vehicle and prevent its natural movement during loading or unloading.

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