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Loading dock bump stops

The loading dock bumpers stops are essential for the durability of the truck and the loading dock. They allow to cushion the blows: common for the truck to hit the platform when approaching its unloading zone, protected by blows from a los abrigos or even to the facade.

Noted for its strength and durability, therefore manufactured using materials withstand capabilities and absorb the impacts of the trucks.

At alapont there are several bumpers models: rubber and steel.

Models loading docks bumpers

Steel bumpers

Within the steel bumpers we have two models:

Steel bumper: It consists of a 12 mm steel sheet surface that contains inside 2 rubber stops independent of each other, thus favoring maximum stability and safety when the truck comes into contact.

Mobile steel bumper: it is a metal stop capable of moving vertically in tune with the transport vehicle thanks to the spring arranged inside. The main advantage is that it significantly reduces the wear of the stop, as friction with the vehicle is less.

Loading dock rubber bumpers

Within the rubber bumper we also distinguish two models:The square rubber dock bumper: it is made up of a zinc-plated steel rear support and a high-resistance black rubber surface.

The rubber dock bumper: it is highly resistant. It is the classic stop and most used in basic standard installations.


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tope de protección de acero
Steel loading dock bumper.  
bumper para muelle de carga cuadrado
Rubber loading dock bumpers: square.
topes de protección para muelles
Loading dock  bumper: rubber standard.

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