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Led loading dock lights

Installing a Dock lighting at the loading dock will allow for illuminating the vehicle during the loading or unloading process, avoiding unnecessary accidents due to the lack of lighting.

To ensure the safety of a loading dock and optimal visibility for workers while performing their tasks, it is necessary to have dock lighting that provide good lighting in the workspace.

At Alapont Logistics, we also offer Dock lightings with air turbine.

Technical features of led loading dock lights

-Alapont’s dock lightings features protection against overheating and reverse polarization.

-They comply with EMC Directive 2004/108/EC.

-They do not emit electromagnetic interference and are resistant to its influence

Total length of extended arm1000 mm
Adjustment radius180º
Built-in safety power source24/20V
Steel profile40 x 30 x 2 mm
Power cable2×1 mm
Length of power cable1500 mm
Light intensity1500 Lm
Power outlet220V single phase

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foco led con turbina de aire

Dock lightings with air turbine

This accessory for loading docks is designed to provide greater safety and comfort for operators during loading and unloading, as it illuminates both the interior of trailers and areas of the dock where loading and unloading take place.

The addition of a fan to the mobile arm improves the flow of air into the interior of the vehicle, machinery rooms, etc., and thus promotes the recirculation of the environment, especially in summer, minimizing the risk of heat stroke for operators.


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Led spotlight sheet
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Air turbine
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