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Loading dock vehicle wheel lock restraint system

The loading dock vehicle restraints is a trailer locking system that guarantees the immobilization of the vehicle until the loading and unloading process is finished.

It adapts to all types of doors, is compatible with all suspension systems and has the ability to operate with a wide variety of trucks, making it easy to apply.

Technical dock lock systems characteristics

Horizontal working range: from 3,000mm up to 5,000mm.

Compatible with all suspension systems (pneumatic, crossbows, etc).

70 mm diameter round retaining arm for prevent the unexpected departure of the truck.It allows the vertical movements of the truck during loading .

Hot galvanized steel components, protected against corrosion and oxidation.

Robust housing built in steel for protect all internal components against impact breakdowns.

Assembled product for floor mounting of concrete, fixed with metal anchor or anchor chemical.


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retenedor para camiones
The wheel lock restraint is compatible with all suspension systems.
Trailer wheels lock restraints: the barrier arm is blocked by an electromagnet.
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Automatic white LED light to illuminate the truck’s movement area.

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