Hydraulic dock

Alapont Logistics’s hinged lip hydraulic dock levellers for loading docks are the appropriate solution for any loading dock. They are characterised by their strength and safety. They are the fast, economical and easy way to manoeuvre in order to overcome the differences in level between the loading dock and the truck bed.

Thanks to their hydraulic tilting mechanism and their hinged lip, they span the distance and the height between the loading dock and the truck bed in order to seat firmly on the latter.

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Hydraulic levellers for the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors

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Vertical dock leveller

Vertical hydraulic levellers for loading docks are the ideal solution for places that require strict temperature control and high levels of cleanliness. They prevent temperature leaks.

The truck’s doors can be opened from inside the building, thus avoiding breaking the cold chain and aiding loading and unloading operations in the logistics centre.

Telescopic dock leveller

Telescopic dock leveller

Telescopic hydraulic dock levellers have a retractable lip that aids safe unloading into trucks, and these can unload comfortablyeven when the load is at the edge of the vehicle’s bed.

Thanks to their retractable lip, they can get to places where the standard leveller cannot reach. They are designed for installations where thermal insulation is an issue, both inside and outside

Smart-dock solution

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This consists of a formwork box, which already comes as a kit along with the leveller or dock of the chosen size, eliminating the need to build a construction work pit.

Smart-Dock platforms are ready to beused immediately after being put in place. You just have to focus on centring the leveller with regard to door, and concreting. In this way you no longer have to take into account whether or not it will fit, or improvise solutions that end up causing delays.