Loading bridges are used to span the gap between the warehouse and the truck manually and effortlessly. They are priced lower than hydraulic levellers, or hydraulic loading docks, since they don’t require the construction of a pit . They are very straightforward to install, simply needing to be attached to the building’s dock or, where appropriate, to the platform, if one is available. They do not require electric power and can be either fixed or mobile.

At Alapont Logistics Solutions we have two models of loading bridges: steel  and aluminum.

Steel bridges  Aluminum bridges

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Loading bridges

Steel loading bridges 

Steel loading bridges are characterised by their strength and safety, and are designed for the passage of people and manual (pallet trucks) or motorised equipment (forklifts) in even the most unfavourable working situations.

  • Robust steel upper platform, with an etched non-slip surface; while the underside is reinforced with cold rolled profiles.
  • Low-friction, zero-maintenance hinge; impervious to the entry of dirt and foreign bodies.
  • Balanced levelling thanks to alloy tension springs which perfectly counteract the platform’s weight and provide effortless levelling between the warehouse and the truck. The lockable standby position prevents accidental collisions as the vehicle backs out and approaches.
  • Types of bridges: Sliding loading bridges, running along a guide rail, and fixed loading bridges.
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Aluminium loading bridges 

Like the steel loading bridge, the aluminium one is used to level the truck with the warehouse and to load and unload goods. It is installed over a supporting runner which includes wheels with ball bearings for effortless sideways movement. The bridge can slide within a steel guide rail.

It is positioned vertically when not in use. It is fitted with a fall arrest mechanismwhich automatically closes the platform, and a laterally fixed recoil arm that allows an effortless safe and slow descent.

Installations and details
installation of loading bridges

When not in use, the loading bridge is kept in the vertical position.

steel loading bridges

Installation of a loading bridge in Alcalá de Henares.

details steel loading bridge

The loading bridge is installed on a sliding support. 

installation of aluminum loading bridges

Anti-slip engraved surface reinforced with laminated profiles.

installation of aluminum loading bridge

Suitable for use by people and equipment.


Installation of two loading bridges in Teruel.

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