pasarela de carga y descarga

Our drawbridges are designed to span the gap between docks and vehicle loading beds at different levels. They provide a transit path between the transport vehicle and the goods storage areas within the building.

Steel loading bridges

  • They are characterised by their strength and safety, and are designed for the passage of people and manual (pallet trucks) or motorised equipment (forklifts) in even the most unfavourable working situations.
  • Robust steel upper platform, with an etched non-slip surface; while the underside is reinforced with cold rolled profiles.
  • Low-friction, zero-maintenance hinge; impervious to the entry of dirt and foreign bodies.
  • Balanced levelling between the warehouse dock and the truck thanks to alloy tension springs with an elevated strength to elasticity ratio which perfectly counteract the platform’s weight and provide effortless handling. Lockable standby position prevents accidental collisions as the vehicle approaches.
rail de la pasarela de acerorail de la pasarela de acero
pasarelas de cargapasarelas de carga
pasarelas de cargapasarelas de carga
pasarela de carga de aceropasarela de carga de acero
partes de la pasarelapartes de la pasarela
pasarela de carga de aceropasarela de carga de acero

Aluminium loading bridges

pasarela para muelle de carga aluminio

Alapont offers two types of drawbridge:

  • Sliding Drawbridges, operating along a guide rail, and Fixed Drawbridges.
  • The platform is constructed from special aluminium profiles and installed over a supporting runner which includes wheels with ball bearings for effortless lateral displacement. Bridges can slide downwards over an open profile steel guide rail before walking over them from above.
  • It is positioned vertically upwards when unused and held in place by an anti-fall mechanism which automatically closes upon lifting the bridge.
  • Furthermore, the laterally positioned drawing arm permits a slow, safe, effortless descent down to the truck’s loading bed.

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