muelle de carga telescópico

The Alapont hydraulic dock leveller with a telescopic lip is sturdy and safe, ideal for use by people and transportation equipment whether operated manually or motorised (forklifts) even in the least-favourable situations.
The Alapont telescopic dock leveller features a telescopically retractable lip to safely unload fully loaded trucks. So even goods located on the very edge of the vehicle’s bed can be unloaded with ease.
Characterised especially by its internal reinforcements: The platform is supported by 10 reinforcement tubes which provide greater strength and durability. They also withstand the continuous passage of vehicles and therefore prevent deformations in the leveller’s bed.
The retractable lip is reinforced with lateral guides to ensure a uniform telescopic movement.

Features Telescopic dock leveller

  • The platform and lip are manufactured from high-quality diamond plate: The platform is manufactured of 8/10 diamond plate, while the telescopic lip is 13/15 plate.
  • The lip is reinforced by 8 profiles. The rear part of the platform is attached by two hinges to the lower frame.
  • The unit is treated with an anti-corrosion system and finished with an oven-polymerised powder coating.
  • Hydraulic unit powered by a 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) – 380 V three-phase motor, with slow-descent control in case the vehicle leaves the dock. Perfect operation over a temperature range of ‑20 – +50 °C.
  • Loading capacity: 9,000 kg static load and 6,000 kg dynamic load.
  • All hinges on Alapont dock levellers are reinforced to guarantee maximum strength.
muelle de carga telescópicomuelle de carga telescópico
detalle muelle telescópicodetalle muelle telescópico
detalle muelle telescópicodetalle muelle telescópico

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