mesa para túneles isotérmicos

Table for an isothermal tunnel

Alapont’s tables for isothermal tunnels are structures with added loading points installed on the outside of the building. They are a good solution when the construction of the buildings does not allow the installation of internal levellers or a pit is not envisaged for the docks.

They are installed in front of the warehouse, allowing full use of the floorspace.

They are tailored to meet the client’s requirements. The loading dock leveller can be standard, telescopic or vertical. Similarly, the shelter may be retractable or inflatable, depending on the characteristics required.

Technical characteristics

The complete isothermal tunnels consist of:

  • table or metal structure with a loading dock.
  • The side and top cladding.
  • A loading aperture with a dock shelter. Fitted with sectional doors

This is an ideal solution for extending your warehouses or reforming existing ones by providing a new loading point without modifying the building’s current perimeter.


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Installations and details

túneles isotérmicos
Installation of 7 isothermal tunnels in Toledo equipped with retractable shelters.
túneles isotérmicos
Detail of an isothermal tunnel with cladding and retractable insulated shelter.
instalación mesas para túnel isotérmico
Installation of tables for isothermal tunnels.

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