Mechanical dock levelers

Mechanical dock levelers do not generally require construction work, and in some cases they do not even need a pit, so they are the fastest and most economical solution for spanning the gap between the loading and unloading area and the truck. Their installation is viable in those premises where electrical power is not available, such as some fruit and vegetable warehouses, since they do not need electricity in order to operate. Our range of mechanical ramps includes:

Edge of dock leveller     Loading bridges

Mechanical dock levelers products

Edge of dock leveller

The Mini-Dock or edge of dock leveller leveller is the best loading and unloading option for goods in small spaces, where installing a conventional levelling ramp is not possible.

Loading bridges

Manual bridges are priced lower than hydraulic levellers since they don’t require the construction of a pit . It is attached to the building’s loading dock, or alternatively to the deck, if it has one. They do not require electric power and can be either fixed or mobile.