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The Smart-Dock platform aids in implementing new loading and unloading areas in your industrial building. It consists of a formwork box that comes already equipped with the leveller for the loading dock with the chosen size, already pre-installed in its own pit and with the wiring ready for operation.

The possibilities of human error in the phase of creating the plinth are reduced, assembly times are reduced and costs are minimised by dispensing with the construction of the pit.

Smart-Dock platforms are ready to be used immediately after being put in place.

Technical characteristics

It consists of:

  • A structure in the form of an enveloping metal recess, resistant to having concrete laid against it on site. Galvanized finish.
  • Hydraulic dock

This does not need a construction work pit: since it includes its own metal structure, it does not require the building of side or rear walls to house the dock.

Greater sturdiness against front impact from vehicles. Since the formwork is carried out against the enveloping metal structure of the Smart-Dock, the latter is fully embedded in the construction work all around its perimeter.Quick and easy assembly.

Greater strength and more durability than conventional pit docks.

Ready for immediate use. With the construction completed, the protective elements that envelop the Smart-Dock are removed and the control panel is attached, to which the electrician has connected the power supply.

– Option: formwork box for hatch.


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