Special dock levellers

Special Dock levellers

At Alapont Logistics Solutions we have special loading levellers:

These are solutions adapted to the specific needs of our customers, according to loading and unloading volumes and the needs of the goods being handled: food, the pharmaceutical sector, and hygiene and temperature requirements.

Custom-made dock levellers

In addition to our standard measurements, at Alapont we can design a custom-made hydraulic dock leveller for you, adapting to the different characteristics of the loading dock and contributing to their renovation, regardless of their manufacturer.

Since they fit into the existing space, no construction work needs to be carried out, which means a major financial and labour saving, as there is no need to virtually paralyse production.

Yard ramp

Alapont’s 12-meter yard ramp is the ideal solution when a dedicated loading dock is not available for efficient loading and unloading operations.

These transportable levellers are specifically designed to meet the requirements of Standard UNE-EN 1398, ensuring compliance and optimal functionality.

Table for isothermal tunnels

Alapont isothermal tunnels are installed in front of the warehouse, thereby taking full advantage of the surface area. They represent a good solution when the construction of the buildings does not allow the installation of internal levellers or a pit is not envisaged for the docks.

Alapont isothermal tunnels are custom-made depending on the client’s requirements.