Telescopic dock leveler

Telescopic lip dock levellers

The telescopic lip dock leveler has a retractable lip that aids safe unloading into truckseven when the goods are at the edge of the truck bed.

Thanks to its retractable lip, it can get to places where the standard leveller cannot reach. In addition, it allows greater attachment to the bed of the vehicle. This loading dock leveller is designed for installations where thermal insulation is an issue, both inside and outside.

Technical telescopic dock levelers characteristics

– The telescopic dock levelers are supported by 10 reinforcement beams which provide the dock with greater strength and durability. They also prevent the bed from becoming deformed after a constant passage of vehicles and therefore.

A retractable claw reinforced by side guides that ensure uniform sliding.

– It is treated with an anti-corrosion system and painted with an oven-polymerised powder coating.

Hydraulic unit powered by a 1.1 kW (1.5 HP) – 380v three-phase motor. with slow dock descent control in case the truck is leaving. Resistant to temperatures of between -20ºC and 50ºC

Load capacity: 9,000 Kg static and 6,000 Kg dynamic.

– All the hinges arereinforced to guarantee maximum strength.


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Installations and details

muelle de carga telescópico, detalles
Telescopic dock leveler: all the hinges are reinforced to guarantee maximum strength.
detalle rampa de carga telescópica
The 10 internal reinforcement beams prevent the bed of the telescopic lip dock levellers from deforming.
muelle de carga telescópico
The mobile lip enables a better attachment to the bed of the vehicle during loading and unloading work.

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