Loading dock levellers
DescriptionDimensions (width x length)UnitsInstallation?
Dock levellerNoYes
Special dimension Dock leveller (gap) x NoYes
Telescopic Dock levellerNoYes
special dimension Dock leveller x NoYes
Steel DrawbridgeNoYes
Aluminium Drawbridge x NoYes
Vertical dock levellerNoYes
Shelter Dock levellerNoYes
Insulating SHELTER dock leveller
DescriptionDimensions (width x length)UnitsInstallation?
Retractable Shelter dock levellerNoYes
Inflatable shelter dock levellerNoYes
Industrial doors
DescriptionPit dimensions( large x long)UnitsInstallation?
Sectional door x NoYes
High Speed Door: Roll-up model x NoYes
High Speed Door: Stacking door x NoYes
High Speed Door: Self repairing door x NoYes
Industrial platform
DescriptionDimensions (length x width)Weight (KG)UnitsInstallation?
1-column platform x NoYes
2-column platform x NoYes
Scissor lift table x NoYes
Bumpers: square modelNoYes
Bumpers: square modelNoYes
Bumpers: steel modelNoYes
Bumpers: mobil steel modelNoYes
guide wheels: straight model paintedNoYes
Guide wheels: straight model galvanizedNoYes
Wheel guides: open model painted with intermediate supportNoYes
Wheel guides:open model galvanized with intermediate supportNoYes
Traffic lightNoYes
Self tilting containerNoYes
hydraulic dock leveller Control panelNoYes
telescopic dock leveller Control PanelNoYes
vertical dock leveller Control panelNoYes
Wheel chocksNoYes
Loading dock spare parts
Description UnitsInstallation?
Hydraulic motor unitsNoYes
Lifting Cylinder AlapontNoYes
Lifting cylinderNoYes
Lifting Cylinder with folding lip for H.dockNoYes
Alapont Lifting HoseNoYes
Lifting HoseNoYes
Folding Lip HoseNoYes
Large side BaseboardNoYes
Industrial door spare parts
Mirror PhotocellNoYes
Sectional door UST MotorNoYes
2-Button emitterNoYes
4-button emitterNoYes
Exterior ReceiverNoYes
Drawbridge spare parts
Rolling Kit for Sliding Guide. Left modelNoYes
Rolling Kit for Sliding Guide. Right modelNoYes
Guide profile (measured by meter)NoYes
10mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
12mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
13mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
14mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
15mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
16mm Torsion SpringsNoYes
Threaded RodNoYes
Spare parts for dock shelter
Description UnitsInstallation?
Front SideFlapNoYes
Front Top FlapNoYes
Perimeter flapNoYes
Dock shelter rubber fittingsNoYes
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